How Will Broadband Adoption in Specific Segments Affect Your Audiences?

Pew Internet & American Life Project has released their most recent statistics on broadband adoption among adult Americans:

Home broadband adoption stood at 63% of adult Americans as of April 2009, up from 55% in May, 2008.

The most interesting bit of data in the report is that the following groups achieved above average increases in adoption: senior citizens; low-income; high-school graduates (no college); older baby boomers, and; rural Americans.

These demographic shifts can be a great source of innovation in your online efforts. Take a look at the outcomes you want to achieve online and the audiences with which you need to achieve them. Do the changes in the Pew report open new opportunities? Create challenges?

Sites that achieve breakthrough results regularly assess shifts in audience so they can be most effective online.

Outcomes and Audiences

Successful web sites have extreme clarity on the outcomes they are built to achieve and which audiences they will need for success. These two factors are more important than almost any other element of the process: if they are off base you’ll never get anywhere no matter what you invest in design or technology.


Here are a few questions to consider for the next program, product or service you wish to support with the Web:

  • What specific outcomes do we need to create to achieve our goal?
  • What markets are relevant to those outcomes?
  • Which of these high-value outcomes can best be supported or achieved online?
  • Given that, which audiences among the relevant markets are important for those specific outcomes?

With those answers in hand, you are well on your way to creating a focused effort online that will produce results for your organization.

Last Call for NPO Exec 2009 Web Goal Survey

This week is your last chance to get a response in to the survey I am fielding on NPO top web goals for 2009.

The survey is to support a book I am writing on web strategy for non-profit organizations. Respondents will receive an executive summary and an invite to a free teleconference where I will report on the results.

Here is the link to the survey and a link to my original post with the full details.

Join the 50+ executives who have already responded! Survey closes on Saturday morning.

Very Brief Survey on Your Top Web Site Goal for 2009

I am writing a book on web strategy that ASAE & the Center is going to publish later this year. The working title is: Bringing Your Mission to Life Online: A Practical Guide to Web Strategy for Associations, Foundations and Charities.

As part of my research, I am fielding a survey for non-profit executives to state their most important goal for their web site this year. If you give me permission in the survey, I may quote you by name in the book. If you do not give that permission, I may paraphrase your entry but it will not be associated with your name or organization in any way and I will edit out anything in the submission that might inadvertently identify you.

That said, if you are secretly planning world domination for evil purposes via your web site, I suggest you skip the survey. 🙂

In return for your participation (the survey takes no longer than 5 minutes to complete), I am offering the following to all who complete the survey:

  • An executive summary of the results, discussing trends, commonalities and my recommendations for achieving those outcomes online.
  • Invitation to attend a one-hour teleconference, at no charge, where I will go into the results and my recommendations in much more detail.
  • A signed and personally dedicated copy of the final book to anyone I quote by name from the survey.

Below is the link to the survey. Please do me the favor of completing it today. (It really is very short!)

Please forward this to your NPO colleagues and friends.

Thanks for your assistance!