Very Brief Survey on Your Top Web Site Goal for 2009

I am writing a book on web strategy that ASAE & the Center is going to publish later this year. The working title is: Bringing Your Mission to Life Online: A Practical Guide to Web Strategy for Associations, Foundations and Charities.

As part of my research, I am fielding a survey for non-profit executives to state their most important goal for their web site this year. If you give me permission in the survey, I may quote you by name in the book. If you do not give that permission, I may paraphrase your entry but it will not be associated with your name or organization in any way and I will edit out anything in the submission that might inadvertently identify you.

That said, if you are secretly planning world domination for evil purposes via your web site, I suggest you skip the survey. 🙂

In return for your participation (the survey takes no longer than 5 minutes to complete), I am offering the following to all who complete the survey:

  • An executive summary of the results, discussing trends, commonalities and my recommendations for achieving those outcomes online.
  • Invitation to attend a one-hour teleconference, at no charge, where I will go into the results and my recommendations in much more detail.
  • A signed and personally dedicated copy of the final book to anyone I quote by name from the survey.

Below is the link to the survey. Please do me the favor of completing it today. (It really is very short!)

Please forward this to your NPO colleagues and friends.

Thanks for your assistance!

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