Your Website is a Gateway to Global Markets

This article from a Harvard Business Publishing blog cites recent studies showing that China may have the worlds largest market for luxury goods in the near future. What caught my eye in the post was this statistic:

And Chinese consumers engage with brands online. Almost 90% of the respondents in the China Luxury Forecast say they use the Internet to gain a better understanding of luxury brands and products. Over 310 million people in China have the Internet, and the world's top blogger in terms of visits is Chinese — Xu Jinglei. In this way, China is very similar to the US in that companies can support their marketing efforts with effective online communication.

Many organizations that I work with have significant global strategies going into action, looking to extend their mission and value across the world. As this story shows, your website is a key platform for engaging with overseas markets even before you have a physical presence or partnership set up in their country.

How well does your web presence address and engage with visitors from your future global markets? It’s not as simple as just translating some content. See this article I wrote last year for more on this topic.

How Will Broadband Adoption in Specific Segments Affect Your Audiences?

Pew Internet & American Life Project has released their most recent statistics on broadband adoption among adult Americans:

Home broadband adoption stood at 63% of adult Americans as of April 2009, up from 55% in May, 2008.

The most interesting bit of data in the report is that the following groups achieved above average increases in adoption: senior citizens; low-income; high-school graduates (no college); older baby boomers, and; rural Americans.

These demographic shifts can be a great source of innovation in your online efforts. Take a look at the outcomes you want to achieve online and the audiences with which you need to achieve them. Do the changes in the Pew report open new opportunities? Create challenges?

Sites that achieve breakthrough results regularly assess shifts in audience so they can be most effective online.