New Audio Product: Creating High-value Partnerships with Technology Providers

I have a new teleconference recording available for purchase and download, called Creating High-value Partnerships with Technology Providers.

This teleconference was based on my fifteen years of experience in working and consulting on partnerships between organizations and their technology providers. I cover:

  • Identifying when you need a partner instead of a vendor;
  • Key actions to take before, during and after a project to create and maintain strong relationships;
  • Supporting collaboration among multiple vendors;
  • What to do when things go wrong.

Learn my best tips and ideas on getting maximum value from your tech providers.

Unleashing the Strategic Potential of the Web Audio Program and Workbook

I have launched a new downloadable product based on the presentation I gave last week.

Unleashing the Strategic Potential of the Web Audio and Workbook

This includes over an hour of audio from the session plus a workbook with which to develop your organization’s web strategy. I focus on how you can take your organization’s overall strategy and translate it to the web, maximizing the contribution that your site makes to your goals. Learn more here.

Here is a short sample of the audio:

Just for my blog readers, enter ‘blog’ without the quotes into the discount field to save $10 on the purchase price.