Webinar: Easy Web Site Updates — Small Changes That Provide Big Results

I’m presenting a webinar for the Avectra Academy next Monday titled Easy Web Site Updates: Small Changes That Provide Big Results. Tremendous registration for this one, don’t miss it!

These webinars are free to attend although you do need to register in advance. There will be a lot of good stuff in this session, helping you to make a big impact online with relatively small changes to your site. From the session description:

Many association web sites have tremendous potential value for members and the organization. A few small changes here and there can often unleash this value even if you don’t have a lot of resources to invest.

Join David Gammel, the leading web expert in the association world, to learn about the most common opportunities for unleashing this value and how to make them happen.

David will zero in on topics such as:

* Cranking up the value of your top entry pages
* Creating powerful results with your home page
* The top 3 usability improvements any association site can benefit from
* 5 ways to create new revenue online
* Tips that will work for everyone regardless of budget or staff size

Join us for a dynamic presentation that will give you ideas you can implement immediately.

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