Plugging Two Programs from Colleagues

Here are a couple of interesting programs coming up from people I know.

Andy Steggles with RIMS is doing a presentation on December 17 about how his association used a virtual world for a conference. The entire conference was in the virtual world, to be specific. Demonstrating the key concept of eating your own dog food, Andy is doing this presentation in the same virtual world. Registration form from the New York Society of Association Executives. Looks to be free and no info page up, but you can sign up now via the form. UPDATE: Here is a page with full info on Andy’s program.

Angie Katselianos is holding a very exclusive workshop in Milan Italy next May on Image Building for Professional Success. I met Angie this summer in Rhode Island at a workshop for professional speakers. She has an impressive approach to style and communication and the workshop described on her web site sounds like a wonderful life experience.

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