Only 75% of Our Customers Can Open Our Front Door

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? However, that’s exactly what can happen with a poorly designed web site login. The login is often the gateway to most of the value that a site offers, yet it often receives scant attention from designers and developers when it is created.

Here are a few things you can do to review and improve your login:

  • Use it a few times! Don’t apply a saved username and password in your browser. Login manually as your first time or infrequently visitors do. This alone can reveal a lot of issues that you can fix.
  • Observe some people using the login. Have your mother or grandfather try it.
  • Analyze your web traffic and see if you are losing a lot of people at the login stage.
  • Talk to people in your call center or anyone who fields customer complaints about the web site. I guarantee they will if your login is not working well for your visitors.

Once you identify any problems, immediately meet with your web team to determine what needs to be changed and make it happen. Commit to getting in done in no more than one week.

Make sure your virtual front door is appealing and easy to open.

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