WYSIWYG Web Editors

All modern content management systems provide a Word-style editor that lets non-technical staff edit and add content to web sites. It is a key part of enabling line staff around the organization to produce and manage their own content.

What you may not have realized is that you have several options avaiable for adding WYSIWYG editors (what you see is what you get) to your own web applications. Sometimes they are as easy to install as adding a few lines of code to a web page.

Here are a few free and commercial solutions for providing an easy to use text editor in your own web applications:

Tiny MCE
This editor works across numerous platforms and is available under an open source license. It is written in javascript and is used widely in many applications. It has many configuration options available and can be tweaked to support a defined set of styles.

Ektron eWebEditPro
A widely used commercial editor from Ektron. It is also highly configurable and allows you tie down functionality to just what you want editors to have access too. It is not cross platform and only works on Windows-based browsers. (Their suggestion for Mac clients is a bit of a joke.)

Another open source content editor written in Javascript.

And one more open source, Javascript-based, editor.

Given all the options available, it is unreasonable not to provide a rich editor for your applications that should support user formatting of content.

4 thoughts on “WYSIWYG Web Editors

  1. Another commercial editor that I would recommend is RadEditor from Telerik. I’ve used the Telerik suite of controls on a number of projects and have found them to be well worth the money. Some of the features I really like are:

    * Special paste from Word features which remove extraneous formatting
    * XHTML compliant output
    * Built in spellchecker that uses AJAX
    * Multi-level undo and redo
    * Support for common keyboard shortcuts such as CTRL + B for bold and CTRL + I for italics

    Telerik has awesome support too!

  2. Just as an update on this subject, Radeditor has recently gone through a major revamp which improved it’s speed drastically.

    We have subscribed to the Telerik suite of products for a couple of years now, and are really pleased with the product quality/support we have received from them.


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