Quoted in Workplace Column on Saving a Failing Project

Mildred Culp interviewed me for her regular column that appears in numerous papers across the country. I appear in the most recent column in which she takes on how to rescue failing projects. Here is a link to a copy of the piece in The Hartford Courant: Recognize Signs That A Project Is Failing.

When you’re working on a team, even if you’re not the leader, you’re investing in the success of the project. You don’t want it to slide into a ditch. What are the warning signs? What can you do before it’s too late?

I have two or three quotes in the piece. Much of what I discussed with Mildred is covered in a blog post I made a four years* ago: On Killing Projects.

* Wow! Hard to believe I have been writing this blog since 2002. Time flies!

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