Web Analytics Definitions or A Page View by Any Other Name Is Not Allowed!

The Web Analytics Associations has released an expanded set of 26 standard definitions for measuring web traffic and usage (PDF). This is a useful document for providing consensus definitions of common terms used in the web industry.

However, I find it rather ironic that they released this document only as a PDF. Come on folks! You should know better, being an association of web professionals.

(Via Shawn Zehnder Lea.)

Update: What would I recommend in addition to a PDF? A sub-site on the WAA site for the definitions, providing an index and a separate web page for each definition. Having a page for each definition would allow people to link to them directly as references. This would improve the usability of the content and enhance search engine results for those definitions (ahem).

2 thoughts on “Web Analytics Definitions or A Page View by Any Other Name Is Not Allowed!

  1. David – first a disclaimer – our company created the tendenci CMS application which powers the waa site and 300+ others. So … that said.

    One option would be for them to use the built in help system in Tendenci. (note there is no cost to WAA to use other stuff).

    I’ll email our client directly. I know that I personally greatly appreciate the “update” portion of the post with the constructive suggestions. I’ll pass it on.



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