Podcast: Interview with Jeremiah Owyang on Measuring Social Media

I am working on an article for Associations Now about how to measure social media success. The questions I am exploring: How can you measure success with these tools? How do you know you are creating value with a blog, podcast, wiki, RSS, etc.? What’s beyond the page view?

I interviewed Jeremiah Owyang, about this issue last week. Jeremiah is with PodTech, an online video network. Jeremiah has been writing about social media, and metrics in particular, quite a bit this year. He even started a Facebook group on social media measurement.

In the recording attached to this post we discuss the idea of measuring engagement, subjective vs. objective measures and what the near term future might look like. Jeremiah shares several tips on getting started with measuring social media (follow the link for a write-up of these). Thanks Jeremiah!

Drop me a line if you are using social media at your association and would like to share your experience for the article. You don’t have to have solved the problem (if you have you can write the article!) but I am very interested in talking about the value you think your efforts are providing and issues related to measuring that value.

Update: Jeremiah has posted a few additional comments and links related to what we discussed in the interview.

3 thoughts on “Podcast: Interview with Jeremiah Owyang on Measuring Social Media

  1. It’s been great to see the evolution of Mr. Owyang. In this interview, he just simply come off as the absolute expert he is. No fluff, just great point after great point, rapid fire style. Great stuff.

  2. Loved the content guys.. nicely done.

    What I got out of it is that while there are some simple metrics (page hits, Google rank, etc.) the real value a social media program can provide is still anecdotal or subject to consulting expense to establish with any sense of validity.

    Whats a small business guy to do? I have to point at the anecdotal benefits for real estate professionals all the time, but now I have larger, better funded ppl asking me to assist in their projects – and they want a better response on the ROI question.

    Now subscribed guys – thx again…


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