Rolling Support Forums Into Customer Support Escalation

David Weinberger had an interesting experience with Logitech’s support forums:

I posted a question to the Logitech customer forum because my new MX1000 mouse seems to pull downward— I have trouble getting it to point precisely where I want it, so I’m doing a lot of mis-selecting. Today I received an auto-mail message from Logitech telling me that they’ve noticed that no one replied to my question, so they’re escalating it to a human Logitech support person.

What a wonderful idea. I always recommend to my clients that they have their staff engaged in any communities that they host (which derives directly from David’s writing in Cluetrain Manifesto). Auto escalating posts that have no response in x amount of time is a brilliant idea. It gives the community time to serve itself and then makes sure they get a response from staff if the community is unable or willing to address the question.

Very simple but it makes sure the person who posted the question feels like someone is listening, which is a very powerful experience (as is the opposite if no one replies).

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