2005 Best of High Context Blog

I just went through my archive of posts for 2005 and have collected links to the entries I think are the most interesting or I’m the most proud of. Here they are in reverse chronological order:

Can You Get a Bad Grade on a Wikipedia Entry?
From just this week, where I mea culpa on making an error in the unconference entry of wikipedia. This got me a link from Dave Winer, which provided about 700 pageviews of that entry in 24 hours. A new record!

Conference vs. Unconference
This post was inspired after reading about several recent conferences that let the attendees drive and provide the content rather than it being delivered top down. With the help of a few others, I compile a comparison list of attributes between traditional conferences and unconferences.

The 15 Minute Web Plan
Create a plan of action for your web site in 15 minutes.

5 Ways to Improve the Online Dues Payment Process
A list of tips on improving the dues payment experience online. The tips focus on the goal of making it as fast and easy as possible for them to pay you money.

Associations Blogging Katrina
A round-up of blogs by associations covering the Katrina disaster. I think the most compelling stories by associations on this issue were told via blogs in the immediate aftermath of the hurricane.

I Read My News via HTTP
How RSS will eventually be used so widely you won’t even realize you are using it.

Content Garden Hoses
A favorite analogy of mine on managing web content flow in a large, decentralized organization.

KMpings is Dead, Long Live del.icio.us/tag/km!
Retirement of the KMpings trackback service after a run of a couple years.

Announcing High Context Consulting!
This one was personally important to me, obviously. It has been a great first 6 months of business since my launch. This experience has exceeded my expectations. Thanks to all of you who have supported me!

Managing Logins for a Members-only Web Site
General recommendations on managing member logins based on years of painful experience. ūüôā

Association Weblog Round-up
Another round-up post on association blogs around the web. Some by associations, some by association people.

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