Good questions about IE for Mac, AOL, MS

Jeffrey Zeldman asks some very good questions about the impact of no new IE for the Mac OS and how that relates to the recent AOL deal with MS.

My hope is that eventually the open source efforts at browser development will benefit from this but, as Jeffrey points out, the AOL/MS deal is a powerful jujitsu move on support for Mozilla (which is funded via AOL currently).

Web designers have to track this kind of stuff so they are aware of what browsers they will need to code for in the future. Anything that looks like it won’t lead to greater standards adoption is a bad thing.

2 thoughts on “Good questions about IE for Mac, AOL, MS

  1. Macintosh users have been migrating off IE for some time now (the only real reason to use it is because certain javascript pages written by IE-centric web sites don’t follow java standards but IE standards).

    The browser war on the Mac side is between Mozilla and Safari (Apple’s new browser). I suspect Safari will win–it integrates the OS X look and feel better than all the other Mac browsers.

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