Verity Ultraseek: Free Download

Verity’s Ultraseek, a search engine, is now available for download and free trial. This is the tool we used at ASHA when I was working there. Excellent ability to tune results and the interface can be customized relatively easily using Python and HTML (although the templates were rather incomprehensible spaghetti code, which is hard to do with Python, normally). Hopefully the spaghetti issue was improved with the latest release.

Spotted via SearchTools.

Google Code

Google has released a number of open source code projects developed by their staff: Google Code. A lot of it is pretty esoteric. One that caught my eye was PyGoogle, a python module that can be used to call the Google search API. We use a search engine at work that uses Python, so in theory we could use the PyGoogle library to incorporate google search results with our own. Nifty.