David's Upcoming Appearances

I have a couple of public presentations coming up that you may be interested in.

First, I’ll be presenting at ASAE’s Annual Meeting in Los Angeles later this month on how to make more revenue online. This session has been selected by ASAE to include in it’s first ever virtual attendee package for this event, so you can attend from anywhere in the world! Session details:

Make Money Online! Unlock the Revenue Potential of Your Organization’s Website

Sunday, August 22, 2010 at 1:30 PM – 2:45 PM

This fast-paced session will identify ways to maximize the revenue potential of your organization’s website. Explore the most common revenue models for association websites, examine case studies of organizations that have achieved dramatic revenue results online, and leave with cutting edge ideas from around the Web that you can adapt. The top and bottom lines of any association, large or small, will benefit from the content in this session.

Next, I’m doing a webinar with Peach New Media featuring all new content about how to embrace entrepreneurism in the pursuit of goals that matter. I’ll cover in depth a lot of the ideas I’ve shared on the Orgpreneur.com blog as well as others provided via e-mail in the Orgpreneur Weekly Tip. Session details:

Be an Orgpreneur: How entrepreneurship is the key to achieving goals that matter.

September 16, 2010 at 12 Noon Eastern

The organizations today that make the biggest differences to their customers, employees and society are those where staff pursue goals that matter with an entrepreneurial mindset. David Gammel calls these people Orgpreneurs and he will show you how to be one in this unique webinar.

David will zero in on topics such as:

  • What entrepreneurship means in the context of organizations and non-profits.
  • Why today’s business and social environment demands an entrepreneurial approach if you hope to be successful.
  • The common traits of an Orgpreneur and how to develop them.
  • How to establish entrepreneurship as a process rather than an exception.
  • Cases and examples of Orgpreneurship in action.
  • How to hire and manage Orgpreneurs on your own team who will deliver exception results.

This session is perfect for senior executives who want to create a more entrepreneurial organization as well as managers and staff who want to dramatically improve the impact they have at work. Register today!

Hope to see you at one or both events!

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