Why Not My Job?

This is a great question that orgpreneurs ask of themselves all the time. They see an opportunity to fill a gap or create something new and think, “Why not my job?”

Why not make it part of what you do?

Why not suggest the new program and then embrace making it happen when you get the green light? Or just go for it and scrounge the resources?

If you don’t, then you fall into thinking ‘not my job’ instead, which is deadly to your career, organization and, ultimately, your mission.

In my experience working with associations and non-profits, the people whose job descriptions are always playing catch up are the true orgpreneurs. They don’t let their job description limit what they will tackle in order to pursue a goal that matters. The job description of these staff shows where they were, not where they will be.

Next time you face a challenge or an opportunity, try thinking ‘why not my job’ and see where it takes you.

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