You Have to Make a Buck to Make a Difference

The simple truth for any mission-driven organization is that you have to make a buck if you have any hope of actually making a difference.

The idea of profit used to be a somewhat anathema topic before the recession and Bernie Madoff (not to mention the Internet). Business models for a lot of organizations had chugged along for decades, working like they always did.

Times have changed, my friends.

Boards are highly focused on revenue now. Leadership will support new ideas and approaches they never would have considered in the past. The creative destruction of a recession is not just in markets, it exists in attitudes as well.

Yet the competencies and drive for creating revenue in order to fuel your mission have not been nurtured and developed.  This is a singular opportunity for the staff and leadership of these organizations who have an entrepreneurial mindset and motivation.

My intent with this site is to provide a focal point and catalyst for action for the community of people who embrace the entrepreneurial mindset as a key to successfully achieving their mission.

If the title of this post appeals to you, welcome!

If you can’t agree with it, I encourage you to engage with us here. We’ll all benefit from the debate.

Either way, I hope you’ll stick around!

One thought on “You Have to Make a Buck to Make a Difference

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