2010 Snowpocalypse Operations Survey Results

Wes Trochlil and I have posted the initial summary of results from the 2010 Snowpocalypse Operations Survey. You can follow the prior link to the document on Slideshare or view it below.

Some of the most interesting things I noted were:

  • Organizations with extensive staff telecommuting in place prior to the storms did the best at maintaining operations even if the physical offices were closed;
  • The above didn’t help much if electricity were out at staff homes or they had children or other obligations to take care of due to mass closures;
  • Respondent organizations did very well overall despite some of the most challenging weather conditions in decades.

We will release more detailed analysis in the next few weeks.

We encourage you to share these results with your colleagues and peers. Use this data to start a conversation about how your organization did and where you can make changes to better prepare for the next emergency.

2 thoughts on “2010 Snowpocalypse Operations Survey Results

  1. Interesting work. My take aways…

    -Not much actual damage so this is not an insurance event.

    -Those who had trained people on remote access did better.

    -A disruption is still a disruption – kids, snow shoveling…

    -Attitude was probably important too.

    Disruptions will occur. How can a company prep for the inevitable?

    Thanks for sharing this info guys.

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