My Counter-Rant on Social Media ROI

David Meerman Scott posted a podcast rant against demands for assessing the specific ROI of social media efforts. Here is my podcast push-back on that rant.


In short: Asking how social media can generate value for the company or organization is a perfectly valid question. Any social media advocate or expert has to embrace answering that question if they want to gain support from decision makers. It doesn’t have to be in dollars and cents but it must be answered in the context of how it contributes to the organization’s goals, strategy and operations.

And thanks to David for stirring the pot on this issue!

4 thoughts on “My Counter-Rant on Social Media ROI

  1. Hear Hear. Every day I come across people who threw money after the latest trend or tool, only to find that not only did it not help, it caused more variation and took more time and added problems.

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