Webinar Next Week: They Built It and We Were There

I am leading a webinar with Boston Conferencing next week on social media and associations. The session is titled They Built It and We Were There: Maximizing Participation in Association Social Media Programs. The session will be held at 12 Noon Eastern on Thursday March 12.

Here is an audio summary of the program.


Lots of organizations are experimenting with social media these days. I often hear laments about lack of participation and engagement during early efforts. If that is something you are concerned about then this is the session for you!

Our learning objectives for the session include:

  • Top uses of social media to create value for associations and their members
  • A clear plan of action for developing and sustaining social media projects
  • Key staff and volunteer capabilities for working with social media
  • Concrete examples and ideas that you can use immediately

Should be a fun program! For those of you who were following me on Twitter earlier this week, the discussion about cathedrals and bazaars will be a central theme and framing device for our discussion of social media and associations.

I hope you will register for the program and join us online next Thursday!

2 thoughts on “Webinar Next Week: They Built It and We Were There

  1. Thank you for a very informative presentation…. we created a group on Facebook a few months ago and are excited about growing into this community with our members.

    Is this Webinar available as a Power Point or pdf link that I can share with my colleagues?

    Heidi Schudrowitz
    Facebook/Web Site Manager
    The Movement Disorder Society
    Milwaukee WI

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