Poor Judgement + Social Media = Unhappy Client

Peter Shankman provides the gritty details about a very expensive marketing and communications consultant getting into hot water with a client for bad mouthing his home town via a global, networked, communications platform known as Twitter.

Further evidence that people don’t get punished for blogging (or tweeting in this case). They get in trouble for having poor judgment in what they write online.

The lesson for us all in using social media today is that privacy does not exist for personal commentary you chose to post online. Even things that you have restricted to just friends have a way of wriggling into the public sphere eventually.

Be careful out there and be prepared to back up what you post.

On the other hand, I do think the staffer at the client overreacted a wee bit to what was a rather innocuous, if stupid, comment of less than 140 characters. So he doesn’t like Memphis, life goes on.

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