Time to Increase the Value You Offer

If you’ve been peeking at the stock market this week or reading financial news, you are probably feeling more than a bit uneasy. There are definitely financial challenges out there and the economy may be undergoing a pretty significant amount of change now that it has been up ended.

But that is no reason to hide under our desks, as comforting as that might feel. Now is the time to raise the bar and increase the value you are offering to your customers, members and clients.

How well are you conveying the value of your products and services?

Can improving the usability of key pages on your site increase conversion rates and improve revenue?

Are you getting the most value possible from your existing technology and infrastructure?

Can you improve the efficiency of your processes to free up staff resources for other higher value actions?

Short term: Pick one thing you can do today to improve the value you offer. Do it again tomorrow. And the day after. (You get the idea.)

Medium term: What changes can you implement this quarter to make a significant difference?

Long term: Are new markets opening up for you due to the economy? Should you reduce or leave completely any existing markets that are unlikely to recover?

I guarantee you’ll feel better if you do something today. Go for it.

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