Are Your Processes Begging for Change?

Peter Drucker identified process need as one potential source of innovation in an organization. In his definition, he describes a process need as an improvement that is obvious to almost everyone involved yet no one has taken action to make it happen.

I offer the following as sample number one of a process need:

We Only Like Small Bills

If the methods of payment you accept generate enough comments that you feel compelled to post a sign to preempt the complaints, you have yourself a mighty fine process need innovation opportunity!

The solution here is obvious and a thoroughly solved business problem. However, the short-sightedness of a small business owner unwilling to pay credit card transactions fees leaves thier cashier on the cutting edge of 1970s technology.

For sample number 2, I give you the donut drive around:

Go Around for Your Donut!

A register upgrade at this Dunkin Donuts shop eliminated the ability to take or change an order at the window. Thus, this sign directing their valued customers to please circle the building and stop at the speaker/microphone this time!

These rather silly examples prove the point: what is screaming out for improvement in your organization that you no longer even see because it has become normal? What metaphorical (or actual!) signs have you put up for your customers so they will stop complaining about your broken processes?

4 thoughts on “Are Your Processes Begging for Change?

  1. Oh, Andra beat me to it…I was just coming to say that my favorite part about the first picture was the tip jar. (Which in and of itself suggests a “process” that needs improvement.)

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