Tweeting vs. Blogging: Attention and Time

Compare following a person’s blog and their tweets.

Which helps you to get to know them faster?

Which helps you to get to know them better?

My feeling is that both are effective at helping you to become acquainted with a person’s public persona, opinions and attitudes. However, Twitter can do it faster if you dedicate more attention to it while blogging takes longer but requires less daily effort.

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Tweeting vs. Blogging: Attention and Time

  1. Dude. Are you on Twitter? I agree with you. I’ve gotten to know a lot more people because I can scan Twitter, whereas I don’t have time to actually find all their blogs and read them all. What’s nice is that all the bloggers usually tweet when they post, so when I do start to know them via Twitter, I can then choose to start reading blog posts to get to know them better.

  2. I’m surprised to see you on Twitter, D-Gamm. Weren’t you hating on Twitter just a few months ago? Anyway, I think you’ll find Twitter takes far less daily effort than you think. An unfortunate byproduct of tweeting is that my blogging is less frequent. Although I’m working on a post about twitter between this comment and my tweeting. 😉

  3. Ben, I’ve been impressed with what you and a few others have been doing with twitter lately so I decided it was time to dive in again.

    However, I still think that 10 people sitting in a circle texting each other is more than a bit silly. (I believe that’s the conversation you are referring to.)

  4. Personally, I’ve found Twitter to be an invaluable way to connect and stay in touch with hyper-connected people I’ve met in real life. Especially if they don’t necessarily blog on a topic that I’m interested in pursuing. But it’s useless for getting to know people who don’t fit the hyper-connected profile (at least until I convert them to the dark side.)

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