What Should ASAE Blog About?

Lisa Junker has asked for feedback on what the ASAE Acronym blog should cover in 2008.

My biggest wish as a member and supporter of ASAE is that they would talk more about themselves. This is often a bad idea but I think that ASAE has an opportunity to use blogging as a way to discuss what they are doing as an organization and to engage more directly with their online member community about the society itself. Walk the transparency talk, in other words.

So, Lisa, that’s my suggestion. Good luck in 2008!

2 thoughts on “What Should ASAE Blog About?

  1. David, I agree with you completely. If done the right way, blogging about your organization can help members understand why it does what it does. So many times I hear members of all sorts of associations say that their organization made a stupid decision. But when they hear about the circumstances, the factors that went into the decision, and the debate that occurred as consensus was built, they relent. They may still disagree, but at least they understand the decision, and can say it wasn’t so stupid after all.

  2. David, thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback! I really appreciate it. You’ll notice some discussion of this idea in the Acronym thread on this topic that you linked to above (Ben kindly linked to your post from there–thanks for doing that, Ben).

    As Scott noted over at Acronym, the editorial guidelines we’ve set for Acronym are intended to focus posts there on the association management profession in general as opposed to ASAE & The Center specifically–but that doesn’t stop ASAE & The Center from launching a separate blog that focuses on the association itself. Or stop us from changing the Acronym editorial guidelines, if that’s the best thing to do … The question is, I suppose, if ASAE & The Center wishes to increase its transparency, is blogging an effective way to do that? (I’d say heck yes.) If blogging is the right tool, is Acronym the most effective blog, or is a separate blog the way to go?

    Either way, we’ll definitely keep you posted on what changes are made in response to the feedback we’re receiving. I’m grateful to all of the folks who have taken the time to give us their ideas and suggestions!

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