Stikipad Losing It's Stick

I have recommended Stikipad as an inexpensive host wiki service for the last few years. As far as I can tell, the owners of the service have abandoned it since June and it’s performance is degrading. If you are using it I highly recommend migrating your stuff to another site before it goes away. Such is life with using start-up web-based services.

Here are a few alternatives:

  • Google Docs (free, wiki-ish, web-based, Office clone)
  • PB Wiki ($500/year for up to 5 users)
  • Wikispaces ($50/year for one wiki, unlimited users)
  • Confluence ($500/year for up to 15 users)
  • SocialText (Free for up to 5 users, call for pricing otherwise*)

* Come on SocialText! At least put entry level pricing online.

3 thoughts on “Stikipad Losing It's Stick

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