Beat by a Four Year Old

This would have been quite embarrassing when I was a kid, since I played a bunch of video games then, but I couldn’t be prouder now. I was quoted by Hitched magazine in an article about the Wii game platform: Top Family-Friendly Wii Games.

It’s one of the best family-friendly games because it’s easy for everyone to play. “Wii Sports has been great for my 4-year-old daughter and me to play together,” says C. David Gammel. “Within a week, she was beating me at boxing and bowling pretty regularly.”

Ella has a lot of excess kinetic energy, which is a great asset for the Wii. That’s my girl!

2 thoughts on “Beat by a Four Year Old

  1. That’s such a proud moment in a parent’s life! Go Emma.

    My six-year-old is very video-game savvy–to the point where, when he was five, he figured out how to log into my husband’s Xbox Live account and play online through it; we didn’t realize he was doing it until my husband started to get a bunch of “friend” requests from people he didn’t know …

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