Web Site Redesign Resources

I sent out a few links to articles and blog posts I had written on web site redesign issues recently and thought I would share them here as well.

Things to Think about Before a Web Site Redesign
Three questions you should answer before a web site redesign.

Avoid “Me Too” Web Site Benchmarking
Too many web site design project start with benchmarking efforts that result in a laundry list of ‘me too’ features rather than focusing on how to best create value for members and the association. Learn how to avoid this situation and identify valuable benchmark sites.

Five Critical Steps for a Successful Web Site Launch
These five steps will help your web site launch go as smoothly as possible from a technical standpoint.

Less Is More on the Home Page
Learn why creating chaos on your home page by putting too much on it is an indicator that your site is not aligned with the overall goals and strategy of your organization.

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