Releasing CSS

O’Reilly Media has published a new PDF book (their Short Cut series) that brings us up to speed on IE 7 CSS support and how it differs from IE 6. Looks like a good resource if you want to make sure your design translates well into IE 7. Releasing CSS:

In an industry that communicates with terms such as “Browser Hell” and “browser wars,” a web designer can be excused for having some anxiety over Microsofts recent upgrade of Internet Explorer 6 IE6 to Internet Explorer 7 IE7. Web designers should ask the following questions:

  • What problems does IE6 possess and what fixes does IE7 provide?
  • What part of the Cascading Style Sheets CSS specification does IE7 for Windows support?
  • How can web designers work around any problems that exist within IE7s support for CSS?
  • While web designers are testing their designs on the latest browser, how fast will IE7 be adopted by their clients audience?

This Short Cut attempts to answer these questions to allow web designers a smoother transition to IE7 and, hopefully, an escape from Browser Hell.

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