RSS for Associations, AMS-CMS Integration Event

I have posted the full text of the RSS for Associations article that was published in Association Forum of Chicagoland‘s Forum Magazine this month.

Also, I wanted to remind you that the Understanding the Potential (and Pitfalls) of Integrating CMS and AMS Systems event is being held next Thursday. This is one of the few places to learn about the somewhat tricky topic of creating value for your association by integrating your data and content management systems. Register today!

2 thoughts on “RSS for Associations, AMS-CMS Integration Event

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  2. Can you give us some examples of Associations which have:
    -successfully integrated their AMS and CMS using full data replication
    -customer-friendly Web sites that allow customers to easily navigate through the site and access member benefits.
    I would be interested in talking to these Associations and being able to explore their Web sites. (possible demo?)

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