The Permeable Nonprofit

Here is an interesting essay from Nonprofit Online News: The Permeable Nonprofit

People Support Causes, Not Tax-Exempt Corporations

Organizations could respond to this assault on their boundaries with policies of control, as many did with email and are trying to do with blogging, were it not for some critical facts: The people who are in these new networks are their people. The issues being taken up by these networks are their issues. The passion that is driving these networks is the passion they were counting on.

This fits well with some of the ideas I discussed in my Association 2.0 article.

(Via World Changing.)

One thought on “The Permeable Nonprofit

  1. David–I attended Michael’s session on this very topic at NTEN last week. Intriguing discussion, plus he shared his evolving communication model to support the idea. I agree that cause-oriented nonprofits will likely be more open to this model, but am excited about introducing the concepts to associations, too. Nice way to encourage the break from “home page” thinking…

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