ASAE Technology Strategies and Solutions Conference

We have wireless access at ASAE’s tech meeting that kicks off today, so hopefully I’ll be able to post a few blog entries from on site this week. In fact, I’m posting this from the opening session via the toll wireless at the Reagan Building in DC.

If you are at the meeting, I’ll be speaking in the Web Site Usability workshop and the Web Management session. Should be good stuff. The management session will deal with how to manage the politics of web design and management within an association, a tough issue that most people have challenges with.

3 thoughts on “ASAE Technology Strategies and Solutions Conference

  1. Hi David!
    Keep up the postings for the conference! I’m sorry I can’t be there but wouldn’t it be cool if we could link my “live from ASTD’s TechKnowledge” blog with yours from the Tech conference? Maybe in the future.

    Sitting in a session on podcasting right now!

  2. Thanks for reading! Cross conference blogging could be interesting although I find it hard enough to track what is going on in one event let alone two at a time.

  3. Thanks for contributing to some fantastic seminars! The entire conference has given me a “kick-start” for ideas and projects that I’d like to propose to the powers that be.

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