CSS/Standards Link Roundup

Here are a few standards-related links I’ve been meaning to post. Hope you find them useful!

  • High Accessibility is Effective Search Engine Optimization
    Nice ALA article. It is completely true, as well. If you make your site highly accessible it becomes more accessible to search engine indexers as well as the visually impaired.
  • Visual Studio to Support Standards
    Based on my own personal experience, I’ll believe it when I see it. I believe they intend to do it but MS does not have much experience paying attention to standards in the past so I’m sure it will take them a while to get it right.
  • Tantek on CSS Hacks
    Great review of the state of CSS, hacks needed to implement, and future directions for browsers.
  • Printing a Book with CSS
    Another ALA article on how CSS could be used to format text appropriately for printing a book.

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