Search Log Analysis Book

Lou Rosenfeld is coauthoring a book on search log analysis. Excellent!

Based on my recent posting, it might not come as a huge surprise that I’m co-authoring (with Rich Wiggins) a new book on search log analysis (SLA). I’m happy to report that we’re already a couple chapters deep and I’m actually enjoying the process of writing, which usually requires a lot more self-discipline than my genetic programming supports.

I’m gung-ho on SLA because it seems so obvious, and yet it’s still uncommon in the worlds of UCD and, more broadly, web design. Rich and I hope our book helps clear away many barriers to SLA–practical, technical, and political–by collecting both how-to info and justification in a single, short book.

When I was at ASHA, we found that reviewing our search logs on a regular basis told us a lot of great information about what people are looking for and where we needed to pay some attention. We would identify searches that didn’t return the appropriate content and we would take steps to tweak the content to float up higher or do it manually through best bet links. We would also identify searches for which we had no content, giving us great ideas on what we should add to the site.

Can’t wait to see what Lou and Rich come up with in the book.

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