I read my news via HTTP

I had several conversations about RSS at the ASAE meeting. Often discussed was Microsoft’s upcoming new operating system Vista (nee Longhorn) that will have RSS support built into it at a very low level. My hope is that they will do it in such a seamless way that most users will have no idea they are even using something called RSS (or Atom or whatever) to track sites, headlines, what have you.

Right now, you have to spend a significant amount of time when introducing the concept to give all the background necessary for it to make sense. I remember giving presentations in the early/mid 90s where I had to explain what a web site was. No one tells you today that they like to get their information via HTTP. RSS will have made it when no one has to talk about it anymore to make use of it.

Given MS’s track record, transparent RSS support will probably really well in Vista2.0: The Next Horizon.

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