Rich just discovered EVDB. EVDB is a site for posting information about events. I got early word about the site via The Well since one of the founders posted about it there. I created an event record for the ASAE Annual meeting in Nashville a while back.

One way this could be used is for people blogging about an event to ping the event record in EVDB to keep a central log of all the activity. Here is the trackback URL for the ASAE Annual meeting record on EVDB: http://api.evdb.com/trackback/E0-001-000179291-2

4 thoughts on “EVDB

  1. The Well is still alive and kicking? God bless ’em. Haven’t been over there since Internet World 95 in San Jose.

    Couldn’t find the post on EVDB over there though, at least not through their Google search.

    Btw, I created an entry for IAEM Annual in Atlanta. Be interested to see if anything comes of it. Probably too early. And for the show industry, probably 5 years too early ūüėČ

  2. The well is a walled garden, so no public searching. I think the post by Brian announcing it was in the blog conference.

    Probably true about the early thing, but who knows!

  3. So what can we do to help associations and other organizations that put on lots of events? Our mission is to help people find events — and one way to do that is by making sure that as many events are indexed as possible. So we want to built useful tools for event organizers. We’re open to hearing what tools would be the most useful.

  4. Thanks for posting, Brian! (Brian is one of the founders of EVDB.)

    One possibility would be to serve as a central aggregator for information and activities centered around particular events. The trackback pings and linking you provide now are a start. Assn’s are just beginning to discover blogging, rss, etc. so you could provide something that helps crystalize all that into an understandable interface for them. ASAE’s event blog (which I’m participating in) is probably one of the more advanced attempts to use blogs, rss, audio and pics for a meeting in the association world. Lots of ground to cover yet in this industry to get up to speed and figure it all out.

    I think the best thing to do is to start talking to a lot of associations and some of the groups for assn event planners and see what they are doing and what they could use.

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