Content Garden Hoses

Photo by Nikolaus Büttner.
Photo by Nikolaus Büttner.

In the past I have always described the task of coherently organizing the flood of content that ASHA produces as trying to sip from a full blast fire hose. However, as I kicked around the idea with some folks at work as I prepared for a presentation, I realized that ASHA doesn’t have a single content fire hose. ASHA, which has dozens of decentralized content producing groups, actually has the equivalent of several hundred content garden hoses. Taken individually or in small groups, they are easy to manage. However, when you have 100 garden hoses pointed at you, you get just as wet as getting hit by a fire hose.

So there you have my deep thought of the day. I mainly wanted to share the photo above that I found on Flickr. I’ll be using it in my presentation. Very apt.

2 thoughts on “Content Garden Hoses

  1. Thanks for putting a picture to what many of dealing with large content sites feel like! I stumbled on your site through the ASAE list serve and have enjoyed it. Best of luck on your new adventure!

  2. Thanks, Julie! The idea of content garden hoses (and the photo) was well received in the presentation. I love it when a metaphore comes together.

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