KMpings is dead, long live!

Long-time readers of this blog may remember and have participated in my little trackback experiment called KMpings. This service allowed people to send trackback pings of their KM-related posts to KMpings, which then syndicated the whole list for anyone who wanted to subscribe. It was a bit of a hit in a micro-community of KM bloggers although the activity slowly tailed off over time.

A few months ago I made some changes to the site that ultimately disabled the service and it is now completely gone with the redesign of my main web site. If you found the service useful and/or want somewhere to send your KM-related pings, I recommend using KM tag from now on. I subscribe to the KM tag stream from and find good stuff in it pretty often.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the KMpings experiment! I had no idea when I created it that it would be used as much as it was or that it would last so long.