Who Should Have Online Communication Skills?

Nancy White posted on her blog about Target adding blogging skills to the job requirements for a media relations position: Full Circle Online Interaction Blog: Target requires blogging skills for media relations people

Not only are blogging skills going to be prerequisites, but more generally good online communications skills. Last week I got the chance to have a conversation with David Millen from IBM. I was blathering that I thought everyone will need online facilitation skills and he gently and accurately got me to sharpen my message. Not everyone has a job that requires negotiating meaning and roles in groups. 😉 Not everyone is going to need to be an online facilitator and those specific skills, just like the skills of a great blogger, my be more sharply defined in some roles more than others. But I’d venture a guess that many working in business will need to be skillful online communicators at some base level.

Nancy makes a really good point about the general need for online communication skills across the company. With more and more interaction being computer mediated, organizations that are generally savvy about online communication (oncomm?) will have a great advantage over those that don’t.

For example, when PR people do blogs without authentic online communication skills and experience you end up with stuff like fake blogs.

Great post by Nancy. Read the whole thing.

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