Association Weblog Roundup

There seems to be more and more blogging by association executives and consultants lately. Here is a round up of the ones I’m aware of and remain active. Feel free to chime in on the comments if I’ve missed any.

Kevin Holland, Blogging for Associations
Kevin, a communications director at a trade association, started this blog for a conference session but has kept at it since then. Kevin has written some interesting stuff about how associations can be impacted by social networking software and services.

Jeff De Cagna, The Association Innovation Blog and Associations Unorthodox
Jeff has been blogging for quite a while about associations and innovation, with a particular focus lately on what associations should learn from some of the most innovative ideas and companies out there. He recently got into podcasting and started Associations Unorthodox to host his podcast recordings. I used to tease Jeff about his audio posts, describing myself as a text traditionalist, but I have finally jumped on the podcasting bandwagon as a listener. I catch on eventually, Jeff! 🙂

Jeffrey Cufaude
Jeffrey is a leadership consultant for associations. Quite honestly, I’m not all that familiar with what he writes about since he doesn’t have an RSS feed. Love to read you, Jeffrey, if you had a feed I could subscribe to!

Ben Martin, Passing the CAE Exam
Ben began this blog last year to share his experiences as he studied for the Certified Association Executive designation exam. He is still keeping at it even though he got his CAE earlier this year. Lots of good stuff on here for prospective and current CAEs. Ben is also the very first association blogger to flame another association blogger in a substantive way. At least it’s the first I’m aware of. Good discussion in the comments of that post.

Sue Pelletier, face2face
Sue writes about the meetings industry, which is a big part of most association operations. She is an editor at a meetings trade publication. Sue is probably the highest volume writer in the whole group and covers a wide range of material.

Cecilia Sepp, Association Puzzle
Cecilia is a new association blogger who just got rolling with hers this year. Cecilia is a consultant and writer for associations.

Rich Westerfield, Trade Show Marketing Report
Rich is another consultant in the meetings industry, focusing on trade shows. Lots of good stuff on marketing meetings lately. Rich has also generously offered to Pimp Your Trade Show.

George Breeden, Technoprophet
George is an IT director at an association in DC. He posts lots of useful IT tips and information that are specifically relevant for associations.

Mystery CEO, View from a Corner Office
This blog is written by an association CEO in the Chicago area somewhere. She remains anonymous so she can write without, uh, getting in trouble with her board I suppose. While I think the her writing would be more authentic if she weren’t anonymous (can you be anonymously authentic?) I do think the blog gives an interesting view into the outlook of a top exec.

Adding one more blog here that I just learned about.

Amy Smith, Association eLearning
A new blog by Amy Smith of Amy Smith Consulting. Amy specializes in elearning for associations.

3 thoughts on “Association Weblog Roundup

  1. David:

    Thanks for the plug on TAIB and AU. I knew you would come around on audio eventually. And, btw, you’re not the only “textie” (as I like to call your ilk…;>) out there…but podcasting is totally taking off! I’m completely addicted.

    I wanted you to know that Amy Smith has just recently launched a blog called Association eLearning at Check it out!


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