Effective Executives

Spotted this via Seb’s site a while back:

“Effective Executives are not a product that we can make, but an emergent property of correctly functioning organisations.”

Earl Mardle.

I think I’ll use that in a presenation soon. I also like the paragraph that immediately follows:

Then again, there are the innovators who will always drive the rest of us nuts because they want to break stuff all the time, and we need them as well, and there are the leaders, people who, dammit, break all the rules, do nothing that Drucker thinks they should, and succeed anyway. And any business that knows how to tap the last two will be out of sight before the starting pistol’s echo has died.

My recent posting activity is from going through all the clippings I have stored up in Bloglines over the past couple of months and porting choice bits here. Installing WordPress seems to have gotten me back in the mood to post.

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