Mail on the Google Box?

a klog apart raised an interesting idea recently related to Google launching their own e-mail service: a combined blogger, gmail and google search appliance.

Appliance sales. With Google search, weblogs, and email, Google will give Microsoft mail service a run for its money. Watch Google roll out Blogger in a Box this year, the better to clue the Google search engine to intranet content. A year from now, watch the microcontent of email and weblogs continue to converge, especially behind the firewall.

That sounds like a powerful combination for a corporate intranet.

3 thoughts on “Mail on the Google Box?

  1. If Google keeps the “we’ll send you an ad for every e-mail you send” routine, I doubt many people will stick with Google Mail. There are too many other free e-mail services to make this terribly appealing.

    But we’ll see – competition is the mother of innovation.

  2. I think it won’t be too bad if they do the ads inline while reading an e-mail via their web-based system. If they send you an actual e-mail with advertising, then I agree there will be problems.

  3. Everyone complained that gmail was indexing their email and then contextually displaying ads based on that. Well I have news for anyone who uses a web based email product that offers search: They have indexed every piece of your mail.

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