Google Goes Atom

Google spurns RSS for rising blog format | CNET I typically don’t pay much attention to the syndication standards wars but this is kind of interesting. Google has gone with the Atom standard instead of RSS for syndication on its Blogger network. Existing Blogger Pro users with RSS feeds can keep them but all other Blogger customers will only be able to deploy Atom feeds.

As long as all the popular newsfeed readers implement Atom, I don’t think it will make much difference to the end users. Anyone maintaining a list of Atom adoption in reader software?

Update: I should have dug a little deeper on the Atom site. Here is a directory of client software (mostly readers) that supports Atom. Thanks, dw!

2 thoughts on “Google Goes Atom

  1. Basically, any aggregator that wishes to remain a major aggregator will implement Atom or lose users: if there is content users want to see that they can’t get to with their existing newsreader, they will switch. Already, I have friends with Blogspot blogs, and the only way I can follow their posts is with an Atom-enabled aggregator.
    There are lists of Atom-friendly tools at and

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