Blogging Session Feedback

This week I received the results of attendee evaluations from the blogging session we did back at the beginning of the month. (A copy of our slides are posted on the wiki page.) We had about 10 people on site attendees plus another 16 call-ins. The conference calls could have had multiple people on the line, so at a minimum we had 26 listening/attending.

Overall, the attendees rated the session a 4.3 out of 5.

People seemed to like the general introduction we gave as well as the case study of how we have deployed a weblog network at ASHA.

The most commonly requested change for the program was to provide more balanced coverage of external and internal uses of weblogs. In the session we spent about 10 minutes on external use in response to attendee requests. 50/50 on external/internal use would be a great program and probably be more attractive to wider audience. The main reason we didn’t have more on external use by an association is that I haven’t deployed an external blog yet for our assocation and so don’t have any direct experience to share yet.