An Official NPO/NGO Weblog

Re-Entry Blog was added to my association weblogs wiki page today. I pared down the description for that page to be a bit more brief but will post the entirety of it here:

Regularly updated blog on transition from prison issues supported by the National Institute of Corrections. Meant to share knowledge, recent events, and other re-entry isses between and among states undergoing re-entry reforms (nearly all.) Currently there are three bloggers, soon we will begin to see posts from about 20 additional re-entry experts. The blog currently recieves hits on a daily basis from most state governments, non-governmental organizations, and international governments.

Looks like this is a joint effort by a government institute and a private research firm. While NIC is not an association, I’ll leave them on the list since they offer a lot of association-like services and it provides an interesting example of how to use a weblog for NPO/NGO activities.