Explicit – Implicit – Tacit

Jim McGee continues to clarify exactly what weblogs contribute to KM:

There is a category of knowledge that lies between explicit and tacit–what a colleague of mine, Jeanie Egmon, labels as “implicit.” This is knowledge that is actually fairly simple to write down once you decide that it’s worth doing so and once you have tools that make it easy to do so. It’s the knowledge of context and the whys behind the whats. It’s the knowledge that’s obvious at the time and on site, but mysterious even to its creators six months and six hundred miles later.

Emphasis added. What a success it would be to capture even a fraction of the implicit knowledge of everyday work in a weblog.

Here are a few definitions from Webster’s of the milestones along this continuum:


expressed or carried on without words or speech


capable of being understood from something else though unexpressed


fully revealed or expressed without vagueness, implication, or ambiguity