More on TrackBack for Meetings

From Doug Fox:

Let’s say that I’m producing an upcoming conference and tradeshow in six months. I could post each educational session as a separate weblog entry in my weblog. This way any interested participants or prospect could 1) subscribe to these feeds of session and updated session information, and 2) comment on any of the educational sessions before the program started.

That would definitely work.

Another option would be to create a trackback category (only MT offers this currently, as far as I know) for each session and allow anyone to ping it and subscribe to an RSS feed of the pings. The conference organizers could ping that same category for any updates to the session. A category for the entire show should be created to keep meta info out of the specific session channels.

Potential down-side: ping spam. Many people have predicted it as a problem and I would imagine that a conference with TB might be high profile enough to gather a fair amount. KMpings, which I host, has not gotten a lot of ping spam but it may be niche enough to not attract it. A conference where exposure = $ could definitely get some.

Perhaps pings could be moderated somehow in a future version of MT?