RSS Job Feeds

Travis Owens is taking a crack at developing an RSS job feed module.

Here is an RSS job feed for the Turning Stone Casino created by Travis (without the proposed module). This is the first operational rss job feed that I have seen.

Providing an RSS job feed makes a lot of sense for employers that typically have lots of job openings. People interested in working at the company can subscribe and watch for one that matches what their abilities. Good for current employees too.

Travis also developed this headlines news feed for

2 thoughts on “RSS Job Feeds

  1. Companies with lots of job openings, unless they have a dedicated HR department ready to handle it, don’t advertise publically. They’ve learned that they get boxes and boxes of low quality and non-relevant resumes. They typically go thru agencies instead. This is particularly so if the position they are advertising is currently filled by an employee.

  2. For companies that are already getting plenty of qualified applicants, I agree that there is little incentive to provide an external RSS job feed.

    I think there is still quite a bit of value for doing so internally in large organizations regardless of how many resumes they already get.

    There is also value for job aggregators to make their listings available in RSS. This adds value to the product they are selling to employers.

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