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Too Easy to Collaborate?

The IT guy concluded that, “You guys are making it way too easy to share with others.” And then he dropped the bomb: “Listen, our business users are stupid, we have to help protect them from themselves.” Yea, and if you allow them to share and work securely with others this company JUST might keep up with the demands of the street, because human interaction is the rocket fuel that propels innovation.

This is the same concept as companies restricting access to the web for their employees because they fear they will goof off by surfing. Hello! People have been goofing off at work since the dark ages. If not the web, they’ll find something else.

If your organization is incapable of judging an employee’s performance and work product well enough to know when they are not meeting objectives then you’re in trouble and no restrictive blanket IT policy is gonna help fix it. You may even be harming the work of your most productive employees by developing a policy for all based on the short-comings of a few.